About Us


Appetizer Stations

Stations with BBQ meatballs with signature drinks. Which include a variety of cocktail and mock-tail for non alcoholic drinkers.


Plated Grilled Chicken

Sliced grilled chicken with salsa served with roasted broccoli and baby arugula

Our Mission



Island Palate's mission is to create remarkable culinary and event

production experiences to clients in the South Florida Area for special

occasions including but not limited to: Weddings, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, Graduation, Birthday Celebrations, and offers Personal

Chef options as well. The family owned and operated business is

comprised of a husband and wife business partnership between Chef Jose and Sherlie, She is the

Event Production Manager of Island Palate Catering. They pride themselves in

having an amazing team, maintaining professionalism and executing

your vision with excellence.

Chef Jose's Bio

My Story.

Chef Jose Metellus was born on the lovely Island of Haiti. His fondest childhood memory was of him

enjoying the delicious meals that his grandmother prepared for him. He longed to learn how to make his own

cuisine at that time, the women in his family were the only ones that were allowed to cook. Nonetheless, at a

young age, Chef Jose was drawn to the kitchen. He eventually moved to the United states with his siblings and become

their guardian. Finally, he had the kitchen all to himself. He began putting his own twist on classic dishes and

created delicious masterpieces. Before he knew it, the word got around and his home became a gathering place

where peers in the neighborhood would congregate and enjoy his meals.

The fun gatherings eventually came to an end. Chef Jose had fallen on hard times and subsequently

transitioned into a homeless shelter with his siblings. He accepted a position as a dishwasher at Saloon Restaurant

to make ends meet. The chefs that were there, mentored him. He learned three months’ worth of training in two

weeks and transitioned from a dishwasher to one of the head chefs at Saloon Restaurant. Soon after he enrolled at Atlantic technical college where he meant a group of chefs that mentor him. Before graduation, he landed a position at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.After completing his culinary program he became one of the chef for Curio Hilton and proud ACF member, The rest is "History"


Check out this great video


Check out this great video